About Us

With a vision to provide intelligent lighting manufacturing solutions through innovation Lightbook Retail was established in 2014 with its headquarters in India and channel partners abroad.

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Established in 2014, Lightbook is one of the fastest growing LED Lighting Manufacturing company


LED Lights Installed

1,80,000 sq. mtr.

Covered till date


Contracts Executed

250 Cr +

Total Turnover done till today


Employment Given

Our Vision

To be the leader in LED Lighting - Product design, quality manufacturing, Raw material to vendor development, Sourcing, proper supply chain management and best pricing support for customers.

Our Mission

To provide Make in India products by using existing infrastructure and manufacturing strength to expand Indian economic growth and to support clients so all can save Time and Money during import from other country.

Our Founder

Pravin Kadam


He has set new standards by introducing game-changing business development strategies and value in the LED business.

As a professional lighting consultant, he holds a degree in Interior Design. With a passion for lighting and a robust 18-year experience encompassing product design, lighting design, and manufacturing processes.

he has consistently demonstrated his expertise. Over the course of his career, he has enriched his knowledge by taking lighting lessons from international lighting consultant for hospitality, residential and Retail Project.


Ashwin Dias


Ashwin Dias has been entrusted and having strong technical experience in Lighting manufacturing and work process.He takes care of Lighting production facility, new clients development for business opportunity for the company.

He has been very aggressive and active in his role and responsibilities, assigned to his meet the business target needs of organization.

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